2012 Hyundai Santafe IX45 Audio Stereo Panel



Audio Stereo Panel


  • 3D – Digitally Designed.
  • Factory-Style Texture.
  • Constructed of high quality, high heat, automotive grade ABS plastic to maintain durability of the panel.
  • Designed with precision tolerances, so the kits match the factory dash contours perfectly.
  • Precision brackets & tabs make the installation easy and secure.

Figure out whether you need a single-DIN (1 DIN) or double-DIN stereo (2 DIN):

  • Measure the faceplate of your current head unit. If it measures roughly 7" long by 2" tall, then it's a single-DIN head unit.
  • The single-DIN stereo can be replaced with another single-DIN unit
  • The double-DIN stereo can be replaced with another double-DIN unit or a single-DIN one with a pocket.

Size: 18.3*26.7*4.5cm

Gross Weight: 0.7kg