Aventail Basic Car Alarm System AV19


  • It is the most competitive pricing alarm of the company. It is the same as all the other Alarms in the Market (Ex. Cobra, Giordon, Steelmate and etc) However, it’s cheaper than others because of its limited functions and capabilities.
  • It has the stylish 4-button remote transmitter.
  • Monitoring range can reach up to 1,500 meters
  • - door trigger. Cannot install directly to the car’s existing central lock.
  • Has the Car Finder/ Panic Button
  • Has Silent Arming and Disarming
  • 4 active perimeter detectors:
  • - Shock sensor - Foot brake detector
  • - ACC-ON detector - Door opening
  • Has 2 Stage Shock Sensor ability (20 sec. Delay)
  • Can notify pre-safety warning status report
  • It has the advanced back-up memory system.
  • It has the advanced code-hopping. Meaning, the code contained in a transmitted message changes or ‘hops’ with every new transmission.
  • It has the advanced anti-code grabbing technology. Meaning, the integrity of the system is improved by insuring that the transmitted code (radio frequency data) sent from the hand held transmitter to the vehicles security system changes each and every time the transmitter is activated.