Bi-Xenon Projector Lens



Bi-Xenon Projector Lens with 2 Pairs of Angel Eyes

Parameters of Projector Lens
Input Voltage: 12V
Rated Power: 35W
Solenoid: 2000H

HID Bulb
Light Source Wattage: 12V 35W
Average Luminance: 200,500cd
Luminoux FLux: 32 LM
Color Temperature: 4,300 to 12000K
Light Color: White Blue
Life Span: 2000 Hours


  • Plug and play system, easy installation for all car types
  • Fantastic high/low beam switching, great brighteness and eveness, stable performance, high quality and safety
  • After being retrofitted by bi-xenon projector lens, the headlights will have a more clear light and shades cutting line. When in lopw beam status, driver woul be able to see the road clearly without affecting the coming vehicle's sightline. When in high beam status, they can release powerful light. For some cars with high/low beam seperately, it can turn on 2 pieces of low beam and 4 pieces of high beam