Car Audio System Dismantling Tool Kit




Audio Assembly and Disassembly Tool Kit
  • This is an improved upgrade tool that gives up the metal material while ensuring the life and strength of the tool.
  • New ABS material, smooth and flexible
  • Made of ABS material, it is smooth and has high elasticity, which protects the complete disassembly of the parts on the car.
  • Protect the buckle when applying force to the door panel, and it will not leave a warning mark on the car like the metal rocker.
  • Used to disassemble the inner panel of the car, the instrument panel, the sound control area, the door panel and the rocker for the interior, etc.




  • Drop Forged
  • Polished Steel Heads
  • Quality Fiberglass Handles
  • High Quality Car CD /DVD Removal Tools
  • Car Stereo Removal Tools
  • Car Sound Maintenance Tools