Carsthetics™ Fuke Aeroblades Car Wiper Blades



Carsthetics™ Fuke Aeroblades

“Used by most high-end Car Manufacturers”

• Innovative Wiping Technology Adapted from Japan
• Integrated Aerodynamic Wind Spoiler
• Hard plastic structure, integrated bracket for more rigidity 
• Made up of Exceptional Thick Rubber compound for better wiping Capacity &  Noise Reduction Innovative Japan-adopted wiping technology
• Blades are made of Silicone

Used by most cars such as:
• Toyota Camry (Very salable to Vios users since they use normal blades).
• Honda Accord & CR-V
• Subaru
• Nissan
• Ferrari & among others

14", 16", 17”, 18", 19", 20" 21“, 22", 24" 26”

*NOTE: we don’t sell refills but instead lowered down the price to fit the Philippine Culture.