Carsthetics Car Auto Horn - CSP90



Product Description

Used for buses cars and trucks or other motor vehicles with 12 Voltage, as a safety warning.

  • The supply current for the horn has to be at least 30A when it works.
  • The horn should be installed away from the engine and the bottom of the car to avoid blocks caused by mud or other clutters.
  • Keep away the horn away from water during washing car or in rain and snow.
  • Install the horn by the original holder; moreover the horn can not touch any parts of the car.
  • The user can not disassemble or adjust parts of the horn.
  • The connecting line to install two horns has to be on parallel connection.
  • Don't press the horn continually over 30 seconds.
  • The user is allowed to check the horn when it doesn't work properly.


Dimension: 95mm (thickness); 85mm (diameter)
Frequency: High Tone 500Hz±20, Low Tone 400Hz±20
Sound Level (dB): 105-120dB