Carsthetics Kaiken Car Alarm System


  • Monitoring range can reach up to 1,500 meters
  • +/- door trigger (Unlike competitors who only have – Door Trigger. Now you can install the Alarm directly with your existing central locking system)
  • Has the Starter disable technology (Engine Cut)
  • Has door lock reminder capability.
  • Can memorize up to 4 Remote at a time. Can be Interchangeable with other Spy Basic Security System
  • Has Car Finder/ Panic Button
  • Has Silent Arming and Disarming
  • Has the standard 4 active perimeter detectors: Shock Sensor, ACC-ON detector, Foot brake detector and Door Opening
  • Has 2 Stage Shock Sensor ability(20 sec. Delay)
  • Can notify pre-safety warning status report
  • It has the advanced back-up memory system, code-hopping and anti-grabbing technology.
  • Can choose whether to activate functions like trunk release technology and windows roll-up capability.