Carsthetics Passive Keyless Entry (PKE) Advance Car Alarm System



  • Remotely start your vehicle to warm the engine and cool the interior
  • 1,500-meter monitoring range
  • 3-meter PKE sensor range
  • +/- door trigger
  • Automatic keyless arming and rearming
  • Manual on/off PKE switch
  • Active/Passive arming selection
  • Matches your central lock system
  • Intelligent anti high-jacking function with ID detection
  • Advanced code-hopping and anti-grabbing technology
  • Pre-safety warning status report
  • Advanced back-up memory system
  • PKE anti-hijacking function
  • Ability to memorize up to four transmitters per time
  • Trunk release, windows roll-up (optional)
Five Active Perimeter Detectors:
  1. 2 Stage Shock sensor (20 sec. Delay)
  2. Door opening detector
  3. Foot brake detector
  4. ACC-ON detector
  5. Microwave Sensor (optional)