HKS 5 Point Grounding Kit (Violet)


Generally, the current on the cathode of the car comes back to the battery cathode through the electric appliances. As all know, the car body is made of steel, so the original current loop design can produce impedance, causing circumstance not smooth or lost and affecting seriously on the electrical appliances. Therefore, connecting the electrical applicances and the car body directly together cathode of the battery with the high-performance enforced ground wire can greatly improve the circumfluence and the top choice to improve the performance of the car electrical appliances. 

  • Improve Startup Performance: Enhance startup feature, which makes the car start faster and more smoothly.
  • Safer to Drive at Night: Also improve the brightness of the headlights, drive more safely at night.
  • Prolong Battery Lifespan: Increase the efficiency of produce electricity and charging, to get longer service life for battery.
  • Efficiently Reinforce Engine Horsepower: Enhance spark plug fire, improve engine horsepower quickly.
  • Economical and Practical: Enormously improve engine combustion efficiency, fuel saving.

5 Point Grounding Ground wire performance Cable System
Connect to (-) of Cylinder Head
Connect to (-) of bulk Head
Connect to (-) of Alternator
Connect to (-) of Car Body
Connect to (-) of Air Condition Compressor

Available Colors: Blue, Red, Purple

Gross Weight: 530 g
Box Dimension: 19.5 x 34.5 x 4 cm
Product Dimension:
long - 108 cm
medium - 84.5 cm
short - 64.5 cm