JumpsPower™ AMG8S Powersports Battery - Pocket Jump Starter With Ingenious Spark-Proof Clamp + Powerbank



JumpsPower™ AMG8S Super Car Jump Starter is an ultra-light multi-function device which is a combination of a vehicle Jumpstarter, a powerbank and an emergency torch in a one compact unit. This 3 in 1 device is small enough to fit in your glove box, can jump start a vehicle battery up to 10 times when fully charged and can bring a smartphone to 100% in just an hour.

The most frustrating and potentially dangerous situation to face is to have a flat battery in any of your vehicles. (Passenger Car, Van, 4x4,Jeep,SUV, Pickup Truck, Motorcycle, Boat, Jet Ski, ATV and Lawn Mower)

It is an ultra light mini device with multi-function as:

Jumpstarter – to Jump Start a dead battery of Motorcycle, Boat, Jet Ski, ATV and Lawn Mower just in seconds. It can jump start the vehicle battery 10 times on a full charge.
Power Bank – to charge portable electronic devices, such as mobile Smartphones, tablets, portable gaming system, digital cameras, camcorders, Bluetooth headsets, portable GPS devices, and any other DC 5V powered electronic devices. It only takes 1-hour for a smart phone to be fully charged.
LED Light – to use as a torch with the built-in LED torch light function.

- 100% Australia Owned and Operates
- World’s Smallest and Thinnest Design; only 330g; 40 times lighter than traditional jumpstarter
- It’s a Jumpstarter – quickly jump starts a dead battery of 12V petrol vehicle just in seconds
- It’s a Power Bank – quickly charge for all brands of portable electronic devices
- Only takes 1-hour for a smart phone to be fully charged
- It’s a torch, with a built-in LED emergency light
- High Capacity Lithium Ion battery power pack: 8000mAh
- Use of Japanese Chipset, battery standby time can reach >2000 hrs*
- Battery Life Cycle: 1000+
- Input Charging System: USB 2A/Car adaptor
- Dual Reverse Polarity Protection and over-charge/over-discharge protection

Dimension: 140x75x24mm
Weight: 330g
Battery Capacity: 8000mAh (29.6Wh)
Battery Life Cycle: 1000+
Output: Input: 5V/2A
Jump Start Current: 250 - 500A
Operating Temperature: - 20℃ to 60℃
Certifications: FCC,CE,ROHS,EMC,MSDS,UN38.3
Recommended Vehicle Engine Displacements for Jump Starting:
Up to 8 cylinder Petrol vehicles – 5.0 displacement (5000cc or below)
Up to 6 cylinder Diesel vehicles - 3.0 displacement (3000cc or below)

Package Content:
1x AMG8S Host
1x Switch Cable (USB Cable)
1x Car Adaptor
1x 12v Jumper Cable With Clamps
1x User Manual